Child Therapy N.I. is an innovative Child Counselling and Child Psychotherapy Centre in a prime location in Derry~Londonderry.
(This therapeutic centre also facilitates an Adult Counselling room with facilities, which can also be hired by counsellors at £7.50 p/h and £40 PER DAY)
The Child Therapist, Ciara Mc Elhinney, specialises in dealing with children and young people, aged between 4 and 25 years- working on an individual basis with the young person, with the parent(s) and child or in group sessions.
Ciara has 14 years experience working with children and young people in therapy and can also offer the service to be bought into organisations.
The Benefits of Child Counselling and Therapy
Through the therapy process, children can change their personal view of events in the world and begin to develop and improve their emotional and social interactions.
Child Therapy NI will benefit children and adolescents with:-
• Low Self-Esteem
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Divorce
• Excessive anger, worry, sadness, or fear
• Behaviour which is immature for the child’s age
• Continued school associated problems i.e bullying
• Behaviours which interfere with making and keeping friends.
• Problems eating, or sleeping
• Difficulty adjusting to family changes
• Abuse
• Change
• Excessive shyness, withdrawn or low social skills.
• Attached Depression etc.

A benefit of therapy is that children can create therapeutic play at their own developmental level. The relationship with the therapist also allows children a sense of security when recreating emotionally stressful experiences. Children like to play. They are often unable to understand and talk about their feelings the way adults do so this makes adult therapies inappropriate. Play becomes therapeutic to children, as it gives expression to their experiences and emotions.

What happens in Child Therapy?
During the initial intake session, I meet with the primary carers and sometimes child to gain a thorough understanding and history of the family and the child. I evaluate the areas of concern, needs and goals, so that I can determine treatment. After listening to the family history, the child’s developmental history, current behaviours and symptoms, I then suggest the treatment, therapeutic approaches and techniques that will be used to help the child. A treatment plan will be discussed at this time and specific recommendations will be made regarding therapeutic interventions, home-based interventions for parents to work on and any further evaluation or referrals which may be needed.

What can I expect in a therapy session?
For children, sessions will consist of various forms of Play, Sand Therapy and Integrative Psychotherapy, including but not limited to:-
• Art as a therapy-the use of drawing, painting and other forms of creative expression
• Narrative therapy-storytelling to elicit themes and emotions
• Toys, including puppets, figurines, doll’s house, etc.
• Role plays, wood work
• Modelling with clay and play doh
• Music as a Therapy
Children and adolescents are often unable to use words to express themselves or to communicate emotions. They respond extremely well to being able to express themselves creatively in a safe and child-friendly setting, while learning appropriate ways to manage and communicate feelings.