What happens in Child Therapy?

During the initial intake session, I meet with the primary carers and sometimes child to gain a thorough understanding and history of the family and the child. I evaluate the areas of concern, needs and goals, so that I can determine treatment. After listening to the family history, the child’s developmental history, current behaviours and symptoms, I then suggest the treatment, therapeutic approaches and techniques that will be used to help the child. A treatment plan will be discussed at this time and specific recommendations will be made regarding therapeutic interventions, home-based interventions for parents to work on and any further evaluation or referrals which may be needed. What can I expect in a therapy session? For children, sessions will consist of various forms of Play, Sand Therapy and Integrative Psychotherapy, including but not limited to:- • Art as a therapy-the use of drawing, painting and other forms of creative expression • Narrative therapy-storytelling to elicit themes and emotions • Toys, including puppets, figurines, doll’s house, etc. • Role plays, wood work • Modelling with clay and play doh • Music as a Therapy Children and adolescents are often unable to use words to express themselves or to communicate emotions. They respond extremely well to being able to express themselves creatively in a safe and child-friendly setting, while learning appropriate ways to manage and communicate feelings.


Alison Kincaid reviewed Child Therapy NI – 5 star


I turned to Ciara for help with my son and his behavioural issues and I have to say she has helped so much. He absolutely loved going for his sessions and is gutted its over lol. His behaviour has improved a lot and although we still have a way to go, the progress he has made so far has been great. Without Ciara’s help my son would definitely have got worse and we as a family were at breaking point when we reached out to her. We now have more better days than bad and we have Ciara to thank for that. I would encourage anyone who is having difficulties to try this approach.



Lisa Murray reviewed Child Therapy NI – 5 star


One of the best services in Derry available to young people. Ciara has really helped my son the best way she could..she has changed both our lives for the better. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help for their young person. The work she does is amazing.



Orlaíth Ó hAirtnéada reviewed Child Therapy NI – 5 star

From using the basic human senses I can stay that this place really reached me on all levels – from the gentle calming music that instantly calms a worried mind – to the smells that fill you up and make you think of things like home and fresh cut grass. A place truly of magic & wonder  it – all the best of luck with it Hun x your a remarkable lady